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Filipe Temtem

ELEMENTAL Lehstuhl der Universidad Catolica de Chile als Gastwissenschaftler im U-Lab

Filipe Temtem is a Portuguese architect, graduated in the Architecture Faculty of the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. Master in Theory and Practice of Architecture Project, by ETSAB of the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain. PHD © in Architecture and Urban Studies, by FADEU of the Pontificia Universade Católica de Chile.

Presently, Filipe is an invited researcher at the “Planungslabor: Urban Research and Design Laboratory” of the Technical University of Berlin, Germany and he is part of the "Catedra Elemental” by Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, working closely with Fernando Pérez Oyarzún and Alejandro Aravena. As academic, he was involved in projects financed by the FCT and CIAUD of the FAUL. His collaboration with “Grup Internacional de Recerca en Arquitectura i Sociedad” (GIRAS) of the ETSAB is underlined.

The Research Visit to the “Planungslabor” takes place within a framework of scientific cooperation between Pontifícia Universidad Católica de Chile and Technical University of Berlin, as part of his doctoral research, carried out in the context of the Phd Program in Architecture and Urban Studies. This research is awarded with the FADEU, VRI and CONICYT financial support and is related to Paola Alfaro d'Alençon, ongoing research on co-operative urban development and transport infrastructure, from an international perspective.

Currently, Filipe is an active member of the OASRS nº 18762 and the co-founder of the “FTTA: Architecture & Design" studio. Served as director of the Design Department and Representation of Architecture Projects (DDRPA) in the housing cooperative "A Nossa Casa". His work at "PR Arquitectura Global" is highlighted by the first prize on the National Contest of Architecture and Public Space "Fundação António Manuel Sardinha", won by the studio.