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handouts for the winter term 2011/12

Planungspraktisches Beispiel 2

Welcome | introduction

This document contains a brief task description and an introduction for the semester.

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Semester Overview and Exercise 1 | Placestorming

Before anything else – you will expose yourself to the context of the area!
The Design Studio begins with an impulse observation of the adjacent areas of theTempelhofer Feld, a deep brainstorming in situ, or a “placestorming.”

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Additionally, the introduction for the KMS will take place on the 20th of October, 10.00 at the Citymanagement in Richardstraße 5, 12043 Berlin

Semester Overview and Exercise 2 | Research on places and actors

You are now supposed to deepen your knowledge on the area of NordNeukölln.Your task is to examine and record crucial aspects of the current status andunderstanding of the area. From the overall area, you will subsequently zoom intospecific locations and their tangible potentials, problems, and requirements, as well asthe corresponding stakeholders.

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Input presentations by Dipl. Ing Laura Calbet i Elias

Soziales Wohnen Bauen für die Berliner Innenstadt - Download (PDF)

Wohnungspolitik - Download (PDF)

Reader - Learning Dialogue

Materials and presentations of the Learning Dialogue on November 23rd 2011

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