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student results from the WS 2011

case study 1

This document contains information about the Obere Stadtspree in preparation for the Learning Dialogue on the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2011

Reader (PDF)

These files are final presentations of three groups working on the Obere Stadtspree in the summer term 2011

Volksspree (PDF)
Kiezbrücken (PDF)
Rudolfkiez (PDF)

handouts for the SS 2011

case study 2

Welcome | Semester overview

This document contains a brief task description and a schedule for the semester.


Exercise 1 | Placestorming

Before anything else – you will expose yourself to the context of the river Spree!The Design Studio begins with an impulse observation of the Obere Stadtspree area, a deep brainstorming in situ, or a “placestorming.”


Exercise 2 | Research and placers and actors

You are now supposed to deepen your knowledge on the area of the Obere Stadtspree.From the overall area, you will subsequently zoom into specific locations and theirtangible potentials, problems, and requirements, as well as the correspondingstakeholders.


Exercise 3 | Expert interviews

Experts are people who have acquired unique knowledge in a particular subject, program, process, policy, etc., over a long period of time. Leading expert interviews are a way of sharing this knowledge for explicit purposes. The format of interviews can vary from formal to informal, from one-to-one interviews to discussions with several people. When the thematic guideline is clear, interviewers profit from probing more deeply for key issues.