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transfer of knowledge

in the scope of third-party funded projects

U-Lab’s skills and competence also influence certain specific projects through knowledge transfer. U-Lab provides advisory and consultation services relating to complex city and municipal planning projects. The knowledge transfer focus is on supervising and monitoring planning processes at sensitive locations e.g. the River Spree in Berlin, while integrating external experts and the general public.

Added value for the participating partners

U-Lab acts as a university instrument and creates an organizational structure and content framework for the co-operating partners. The results achieved by U-Lab present future-oriented scenarios for existing areas of action in the city or municipality, thereby making an important contribution to strengthening the innovation of the external partners as well as the TU Berlin. U-Lab’s network enables future partners to establish contact with science and industry.

U-Lab’s managers are the project initiators as well as teachers and facilitators for the entirety of the project. Two student assistants will support them in organizational and technical matters. Spaces for the preparation and realization of the projects are provided by the Institute of Architecture and external sites are considered for co-operation events. U-Lab assesses study-related attainments. An evaluation of the work process and results will follow the completion of a cooperation project. This ensures the quality of the project and enables the sustainable integration of external actors in the teaching content.