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Winter semester 2012/13: Who builds the city?

case study 3

Urban research and design project on temporary uses as a tool of urban development.

In cooperative formats with stakeholders and in planning involved parties, the U-Lab deals with the potential of temporary uses in terms of creativity and urban development. The project takes place as a cooperative project with the Wüstenrot Foundation. This module includes the integrative seminar for the design project and can be combined with the urban design specialization "Global Learning".

Winter semester 2012/13: Global Learning

urban design deepening studies

First session: wednesday, 14. of November, 10.00am in A 606

Within the context of a world ever more urban and a seemingly ever growing number and magnitude of urban challenges, several higher education institutions all over the world have in recent years thought about ‘global learning’ to expand and strengthen their competences in the realms of architecture and urban planning. And in doing so, they respond to the complex challenges associated with today’s ‘urban age’. This unit is part of the international network of urban laboratories Urban Lab+ and funded as a EU program. This module can be coupled with Städtebau I/II by the Habitat Unit or the U-Lab.