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winter semester 2010/11: Obere Stadtspree

Case Study 1

Sustainable remodeling of urban waterfront areas, such as the Obere Stadtspree in Berlin, are exposed to manifold requirements. Due to marketing interests and standards of international investors, the practice of its revitalization is often in conflict with local efforts to develop sustainable living areas of high quality. Together with key stakeholders the Urban Research and Design Laboratory will investigate the spatial qualities and social configurations of the Obere Stadtspree area. Focus will be on field research and area documentations, the development of conceptual approaches, as well as development plans and design projects. Additionally, in an integrated seminar, we will work on the development of a weblog as communication and working tool. Last but not least, a research paper will allow a series of students to focus critically on research topics related to the Spree area.

The teaching unit is open to students of the following programs: Master of Architecture, Master of Urban Design, Master of Urban and Regional Planning as well as Master of Landscape Architecture.