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Planning laboratory at 48 hours Neukölln

Case Study 2 - On-site laboratory NordNeukölln

Contributions to paradise

In the past year, 12 students of the Master program Urban Design researched and examined within the Urban Research and Design Laboratory at the TU Berlin together with the architect and artist Katharina Rohde about ideas and visions of all the players in Neukölln Karl-Marx-Straße. What do they miss in the street? What kind of suggestions do they have for their future?

In participatory processes between students and stakeholders of the street, numerous requests have been formulated and visions developed, which all suggest a contribution to a "paradise". As part of the arts and cultural festival 48 hours Neukölln (15.-17.06.2012) three interventions are tested.

48 Stunden Neukölln

1. First Aid Kit: a guide to the appropriation of public space.
Please bring things that you want to use in public places: a book, a candle, a cushion. etc. Time: Saturday, 16.06. & Sunday, 17.06.2012 from 12-19/20 clock, Location: Town Hall Square, U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln

2. The prayer box
A space for prayer and a place for all religions! Time: Opening on Friday, 15.06.2012 by 19h. Open until Sunday, 17.06.2012, 19h, Location: Platz der Stadt Hof

3. The wish tree
Stakeholders of Karl-Marx-Sraße and festival visitors are invited to formulate ideas for the future of the road and to pin them onto the "wish tree". Time: Sat 12-20h, Location: Karl Marx Street, corner Neckarstraße

Contributions to Paradise is a project by Katharina Rohde in cooperation with the Urban Research and Design Laboratory at the TU Berlin and its students. Funded within the Fund decentralized cultural work from the cultural office Neukölln.